Why did bullies bully me?

People write to me with questions all the time. I want to make one thing clear about the reasons why people are bullying you.

“What if my bullies bullied me because they saw that I was going to be a loser for the rest of my life? Do you think that is the reason they bullied me?”

No. That is not why they bullied you.

No one knows what you are capable of and what you can accomplish in your life. Your future is unwritten. In short, you aren’t a loser, you are just a human being with potential to be.

Bullies bully, because they can. There is something wrong with them, that they either find joy in hurting others, they may actually be jealous, or them themselves are insecure and trying to gain status by hurting others. Basically, their behavior is about them. It is NOT about you even though it is directed at you. Their bad behavior reflects badly on them.

Do not let them win by thinking they are correct about you. They aren’t. People who behave badly, are the people with the problems.

If you are struggling with bullying, I encourage you to view some of the free video lessons. Everything on this website is available for free, though some requires registration (which is free or for a donation).

The goal of this website is to help people learn what works to make bullying stop using behavioral psychology techniques. It works. It will help you feel better about yourself and change the way you interact with the world.