What is evil. Bullying edition

Are bullies evil? Technically yes. But we shouldn’t treat them as if they are evil.

Bullying is harmful and injurious, which is one of the definitions of evil. (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/evil?s=t)

Bullies can also be angry, irritable, and we can certainly say they engage in bad conduct or behavior.

The problem is that the word evil also has a moral and supernatural connotation meaning, it implies someone is irredeemably bad and possibly also “wicked” in a supernatural sense.

It is a huge mistake to characterize a kid who is behaving badly and bullying as evil. First, it gives them more power over our imaginations then is warranted. And second, it prevents us from doing what we should be doing to stop them.

Evil is big and scary and hard to fight, like a demon. A kid not behaving well – is actually pretty easy to deal with.

So please don’t think of bullies as evil. They aren’t. They are just humans who have learned some inappropriate behavior who could benefit with a compassionate intervention, not exorcism.

Learn how to get them to stop using science based behavioral techniques that are compassionate and humane. Once you have learned how to get them to stop, please share this information with others.

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