What is taught in reputable anti-bullying programs

All reputable anti-bullying programs are based on the operant conditioning protocol.

How to use operant conditioning to train bullies to stop
Training a bully to stop is a lot like training a dolphin.

It’s what is already being taught. I am not teaching anything radical or new. This is why psychologists and social workers like my book so much. I explain what they have already been teaching really well and more importantly, I explain the most important bit – the extinction burst process. There is no other protocol that works to eliminate unwanted behavior. It’s a bizarre thing to say given the fact I am a skeptic and that statement begs to be refuted. But there is no other protocol that works.

If your child is bullied or is a bully, you are going to have to resort to this protocol and you are going to be encouraged to use this protocol by every professional you work with. They may not describe it to you explicitly as the extinction protocol, but the elements will be the same. You will be told to ignore the behavior you don’t like and to report and to be consistent.

There is a reason all reputable anti-bullying programs teach basically same thing. It works. The reason these educational initiatives often fail is because this is THE HARDEST BEHAVIORAL CONDITIONING PROTOCOL TO IMPLEMENT! The other problem is that most of the training provided is incomplete. They teach you how to trigger the extinction protocol, but not how to complete it.

My background is in animal training, which may seem like an odd skill to use to teach anti-bullying skills. However, my animal training background is absolutely relevant to my qualifications to teach this material. My training as a trainer means I understand what this protocol really is and does and is used for in real world training situations with real animals and humans.

You may wonder whether training techniques used for animals work on humans and the answer is yes. Yes they do. It’s not a question of whether they work, it’s a question of whether it is ethical to use these techniques on humans because they are so effective. However, since this behavioral approach to bullying is actually already the standard approach to anti-bullying efforts my reason for teaching the protocol explicitly is because the aspects of the technique that aren’t being taught are preventing our children from solving their problems effectively.

This approach does work, but its really hard to make work and most training is incomplete and doesn’t explain the really hard parts of how to make it work. All I’ve done is fill in and explain those bits in detail which is why psychologists and social workers and bullying professionals are so excited about my book.

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